Our rural fishing cottages have 2 ponds, one of which has an area of 2 hectares. They are reserved for our tenants. Fishing is free of charge and open all year round for any kind of fishing. NO KILL fishing. We can lend out smaller rods for beginners (a 5€ deposit is required)


Fishing in the Dordogne

With 4.500km of waterways, the Dordogne County has a rich and varied hydrographical network. This multitude of facets is essentially due to the different geological stated that the Perigord waters run through. Thus, the most northern part, the Green Perigord is marked by the presence of a crystalline geological base of granite and gneiss


Fishing on our site

On our site, 2 ponds/lakes can be found, one of a 2-hectare area, that are reserved for the tenants of the chalets and the rural cottages, yurts and cabins.
 Fishing is free of charge, and is open all year, for any technique. We ask for the fishing to be a no kill rule and night fishing is authorised under certain conditions. Boat fishing is also possible.

There are several carp ranging from 6-30lbs, and mostly roaches, gugeon, tench, bream but also pike, pikeperch, perch, and black bass. The lake is maintained and restocked each year. It is also an advantage to be very close to a river of primary category,” la Gane” and the Rouffiac lake (40ha), just 4km away,


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